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Sector knowledge, powerful technologies & service excellence

Why choose Central?

Central Recruitment Services is one of the largest independent specialist social care recruitment and training providers in London. We have worked within the sector for over 25 years and have developed a range of products and services to meet the various staffing requirements of large, medium and small organisations.

Our key products and services include; a web-based Neutral Vendor Platform, Bank Management Solutions, Temporary and Permanent Recruitment, Ad Hoc and Emergency Shift Cover and Training and eLearning solutions. Together with our sector knowledge, powerful technologies and service delivery teams, we offer a menu of solutions that create cost and efficiency savings in all activities related to the recruitment and management of a contingent and flexible workforce.

Understanding of the Sector

Prior to establishing Central, the founding Directors worked for many years within the statutory social services and the health and social care sector. The principles and values of the sector are therefore very much part of our DNA.

Far more than just ‘a knowledge’, we have an in-depth and practical understanding of the challenges of the sector and we work hard with our customers to ensure we deliver up to date and contemporary solutions to meet their changing needs.

Industry Knowledge

Working with some of the largest providers of care and support demands a knowledge of far more than the social care sector. We are often consulted with on many business related issues pertaining to good practice protocols, regulations and directives and European and British legislation including: Working Time Regulations, Agency Workers Regulations, Safer Recruitment, Health and Safety, Pensions and comparative pay and remuneration.

Value for Money

A key aspiration of Central is to offer value for money. Having invested heavily in our web-based software, CentralAxis, our services are delivered as efficiently and as cost effectively as possible. Some of the services we offer have a discounted self-management option, leading to greater control and cost savings.

Clear, Simple and Transparent Charging Structure

When we agree rates and charges with our customers, we provide a full breakdown of what you will be charged per hour, including: worker’s pay, employer’s NI, holiday pay (WTR), pension costs, our commission and VAT. We also offer you a number of ways to reduce your costs through our CentralAlliance model and on-line self-management tools.

In addition, all charges, timesheet data, invoices and related reporting are visible on the customer portal on CentralAxis.

Solutions Focussed

Our current menu of products and services meet most of our customers' needs perfectly. However, when a specific solution is needed, we have an in-house programming team available to tailor our solutions.

Most recent examples include; bespoke reporting to make outcomes visible, tailored configuration of CentralAxis and the design and delivery of CSV files to facilitate bank worker pay.

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