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Our outsourcing solutions create efficiencies and reduce costs...

Central Managed Services

Central Managed Services offer a number of outsourcing solutions designed to create cost savings and administrative efficiencies. Our Software and Managed Services solutions include:

  • Multi-agency and Neutral Vendor Solutions
  • Bank Management
  • Night Rota Management
  • Permanent Recruitment
  • Temporary Recruitment
  • Ad Hoc and Emergency Shift Cover
  • Self Managing Bank Management Platform
  • Training Outsourcing

Central’s Software and Managed Services approach incorporates the following:

  • CentralAxis - powerful web-based technologies
  • An experienced service delivery team
  • Bank maximisation protocols
  • A multi-agency approach
  • Tailored Service Level Agreements

Cost and Efficiency Savings

Our partnership approach, powerful technologies, service delivery teams and bespoke Service Level Agreements, create a work-flow solution that saves our customers money and creates efficiencies across their organisations.

Our bank maximisation protocols help our customers to reduce agency spend by up to 35%, by growing and fully utilising their locum bank.

Our Neutral Vendor solution provides standardised agency charges, thus providing cost certainty and saving our customers money.

Powerful Technologies – CentralAxis

We have developed a fully integrated, CQC compliant, web-based operating platform called CentralAxis. Our software enhances transactional visibility, reduces paperwork, streamlines administration, produces real-time reporting and saves our clients time and money. CentralAxis delivers a combination of outsourcing, self-management and shared-management tools to deliver the most cost effective solutions.

CentralAxis automates over one hundred different processes related to multi-agency supply, bank management, timesheets, invoicing, real-time reporting and comprehensive analytics. Our client-led development process means the product is constantly evolving, delivering new efficiency features leading to greater outputs for our customers.

Service Delivery Team

Our service delivery team operates 365 days a year from 7.30am – 10.30pm and is managed by nominated account team leaders. Our service delivery team are responsible for managing our Bank Maximisation service, Emergency and Ad Hoc Shift Cover and Night Rota Management.

Bank Maximisation Protocols

Our Bank Maximisation Protocols incorporate: on-going processes developed to prioritise use of bank staff, a fee card and procedures to encourage and facilitate speedy agency worker transfers to bank status and on-line analytics to evidence and track savings. All of which contribute to reduced agency spend.

Multi-Agency Supply Chain

Our multi-agency approach incorporates a viable business model for participating agencies, manages all preferred supplier activity on the CentralAxis operating platform and provides complete visibility of cost savings and agency spend.

Tailored Service Level Agreements

Central’s tailored service level agreements are designed to ensure all parties remain compliant whilst working toward the main objectives of the contract. Agreed rates of pay, charges, standards of recruitment, worker transfer protocols and performance are integral to the tailored SLA.

If you would like to discuss any of our managed services please contact: managedservices@​centralcare.co.uk